Some frequently asked questions answered

1.  Why is the shop named Saratoga Trunk?

2.  Do I need to make an appointment?

3.  Do you make costumes or props?

4.  Do you supply amateur dramatic groups, schools,
     or colleges?

5.  What are your hire charges?

6.  Is your clothing in good condition?

7.  Are you open at the weekends?

8.  Do I have to hire a full costume?
9.   Do you sell or hire props?

10. Do you transport to outside the UK?

11. Do you accept credit card payments?

12. What happens if goods on hire are

13. Do you sell or hire furniture?

14. Do I need a form of ID to hire a costume?

15. How long is the hire?


1. Why is the shop named Saratoga Trunk?

 The shop is named after a Victorian travelling trunk. The idea is that all the dresses, accessories, hats and costumes that a Victorian would require on their travels is contained in one place. Just like the travelling trunk all the antique clothing you could want is found under one roof. Saratoga Trunk was also the title of a popular novel in the 1940's by Edna Feber which was made into a film starring Ingrid Bergman and Gary Cooper.


A Saratoga trunk with victorian skirts, hats, fan, and shawls


2.  Do I need to make an appointment?

  Yes we try to encourage people to make an appointment. If we are not busy with an order anyone can drop into the shop and we will be happy to show them around. The difficulty is that if we are already busy we will be unable to attend to new customers. For this reason we would advise customers to be sure of booking a time to come to the shop. If you are looking for a certain size of costume or a specific historical style we appreciate advance notice. It helps us to find what people are looking for and can avoid disappointment for the customer.




3. Do you make costumes or props?


No, we do not make any costumes or props. Many of our customers are involved in costume making or production art departments but we do not create textiles and props.

 Nearly all of the costumes and props we have are original vintage costumes or antiques. We have a small selection of made costumes for time periods like the eighteenth century, medieval era and twenties flapper dresses but these were not made by us. Nearly all of the costumes and props we have are original vintage costumes or antiques.

 This means that the majority of our stock is from more recent historical time periods where items are capable of being purchased either from auctions or vintage/antique dealers rather than more remote time periods.

Made or mock up eighteenth century style costumes. Hair and make up by Laura Wisinger


4. Do you supply amateur dramatic groups, schools or colleges?

 Yes. We have helped with the productions of many amateur dramatic groups, schools and colleges which are based in Scotland.

 We are happy to supply both amateur and professional theatre companies, operas and dance groups. We regularly work with professional Glasgow based stage shows such as Club Noir, The Citizens Theatre, and The National Theatre of Scotland as well as supplying many English and London based theatre companies.


Fifties ballgowns worn by Club Noir performers

5. What are your hire charges?

   Our prices are competitive. You can hire full costumes at a reasonable rate for a week. Then the hire charges drop for subsequent weeks.

  Or alternatively you can select individual items to hire and the hire charge will be priced according to a percentage of the items worth. This value is based on the items age, detail and rarity. For example a Victorian frock coat would be more expensive than a later coat made of plainer textiles.

 More specific information can be given if you contact us with an order.



Victorian frock coat, cravat and stick pin


6. Is your clothing in good condition?

Yes, we believe so. As with all costume hire companies and vintage clothing retail there is often some wear or minor blemish to the clothing and we recommend airing or dry cleaning costumes before use.

  We have been told by costume designers that our clothing is in very good condition both for its age and for the quantity of costume options available. We will not sell or hire articles which are in poor condition without informing the customer of the faults in the clothing.




Fine original victorian lace blouse


7. Are you open at the weekends?

 We are not normally open at the weekends but we understand that this is an obvious choice of day to visit the premises. If you can only visit on a Saturday or a Sunday we might be able to open for you at an arranged appointment time.


 We are open by appointment from Monday to Saturday.

Please contact us to book an appointment. For return of hired goods Friday all day opening from 10.30 to 5.00 can be arranged.



8. Do I have to hire a full costume?

 No. The hire of a complete costume for one week is good value for money. However there is no set minimum amount of costume articles that can be hired. If you want or require less than a complete outfit then items can be hired individually. We offer a very flexible hire service. If you require a hire of ten blouses then the hire charge is based on ten blouses. If a street scene is being filmed and coats and hats are needed then the hire can be for coats and hats only. Also a single item of clothing, or accessory can be hired. It does not have to be bulk or multiple hires.


 Costumes for a forties street scene


9. Do you sell or hire props?

 We sell some props such as luggage and ceramics, ornaments and bed and table linen.

 We hire a very broad range of props such as textile props like vintage curtains, tablecloths, blankets, table runners, towels, and non textile props such as kithchenalia, dinner sets, toys, stationery, books, papers, sport equipment, canes, umbrellas, parasols, spectacles, monocles, pinz-nez, pipes, cameras, antique lipstick, compacts and perfume bottles.


Kitchenalia, stoneware and enamelware


10. Do you transport to outside the UK?

  Yes. We have supplied European theatre or opera companies and have hired costumes for filming in foreign locations. To send goods to international customers the cost of sending goods by courier companies will be added to the final invoice for the customer. The customer will also have to meet any cost of returning the goods from hire. A copy of the international courier invoice can be given to the customer detailing the cost of carriage. If preferred the customer can arrange for the collection and delivery themselves using a courier company of their own choice.

  The collection and return address is at Saratoga Trunk, Unit 10, 61 Hydepark Street, Glasgow, G3 8BW. Collections and returns can be made from 10.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


Eastern hat hired for HBO television series "The Philanthropist". Sent to South Africa for filming scenes as the Far East.


11. Do you accept credit card payments?

 Yes we accept payment through credit or debit cards as well as cheque or cash.  However we do not acccept credit card payments over the phone. All cheques should be made out to Saratoga Trunk.

  Payments to us by bank transfer or BACs can be arranged if a company prefers this payment method.





12. What happens if goods on hire are lost or damaged?

For hire to the public a cash deposit of fifty pounds is required which  is returned to the customer on return of the goods in the original condition they were hired out in.

 All goods hired out  whether for productions or private customers are accompanied by a replacement fee. This is the amount to be charged if the item is lost or completely destroyed. It represents the cost or difficulty in replacing an item and its value to us for gaining recurring hires. If an item is damaged but can be easily repaired then a small or minimal amount would be charged for its repair such as to cover the cost of cleaning or sewing.

 We would expect the customer to remove any marks they made to garments before the garments were returned. The customer can have the goods dry cleaned or laundered with our approval. If you are unsure of the most appropriate way to clean a garment please contact us.

An example of an On Hire booking out sheet which is issued with every hire.


13. Do you sell or hire furniture?

 No. We only sell or hire smaller props. We can provide props to cover furniture such as tablecloths and throws, doyleys, dinner sets etc but not any furniture itself.

  For hire of period furniture and larger props we would recommend Propworks, the BBC props store in Glasgow.

Victorian green chenille tablecloth and white lace tablecloth, brown velvet curtains and blue and white ceramic dinnerware.


14. Do I need a form of ID to hire a costume?

  Yes. If you are a member of the public please bring a valid driving license, passport and one other form of identification which contains your name and current address such as a recent utility bill.




15. How long is the hire?

 We work in weekly time blocks so the minimum period is one week. Members of the public requiring a costume hire for one night gain one weeks duration to hire the costumes. This allows adequate time to clean or air costumes or make any adjustments if necessary and allows a customer to plan their return date better. Longer term hires can be arranged for film, television or theatre productions.

A single one day event can still require preparation and we believe the one week hire of costumes and props provides a fair balance for public and theatre requirements.

Victorians amidst the barbecues and street parades of the Glasgow West End Festival.

Workers for the RSPB celebrate over a century of work by the charity since its foundation in 1889 by dressing in victorian costume.